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Welcome to — the first interactive web site for golf related Weather and Management Analytics. Developed by Pellucid Corp. and Edgehill Golf Advisors, Cognilogic allows any golf course in the US to retrieve golf specific Weather Impact Analyses as current as the last completed day along with comparisons to the previous two years on a month by month and day of the week basis. Comparison to the 10 Year Normal is also provided along with a day by day summary of the current month to date.

Using our applications to dissect Point of Sale data from certain software platforms, Cognilogic will provide a wide variety of reports on Rounds, Revenue, Weather Adjusted Course Utilization and Weather Adjusted Revenue per Available Round.

The new Cognilogic site will be available for use by a selected number of courses on a beta trial basis with introductory pricing.

Contact Us: Stuart Lindsay
Edgehill Golf Advisors
Telephone: (262)241-7088

About Us:Jim KoppenhaverStuart Lindsay


“…industry observers such as Jim Koppenhaver of Pellucid Corp. and Stuart Lindsay of Edgehill Consulting get their traction and their following … these guys are smart, persistent and clever. And their approach to the game is from a consumer-marketing and data-gathering angle rather than public relations.

They rely upon impressive data regarding facility utilization rates, number of rounds per facility, golf-playable hours that vary according to weather and sunlight (all of which they track by region), and how much golf various demographic groupings actually play. They know, for example, that golf has missed out on recruiting a prized group, those ages 18 to 34. And more than any other analysts in the industry, they have shown the disastrous downward spiral that afflicts a golf market when some operators heavily discount their rates in order to draw play.

It�s not a pretty picture they paint. But it�s one I�d take seriously if I owned a golf course and wanted to recruit more players and price the tee sheet to maximize revenues.” Brad Klein, GolfWeek, January, 2010

“Steve Skinner, president of KemperSports Management, a large multi-course operator, says Koppenhaver opened a lot of eyes. Jim is incredibly smart and very analytical, and he�s pushed some of the trade associations to look at things differently… He blew the whistle on some of the rounds counting and golfer counting, and I think he was exactly right.” GolfWeek, January, 2009

“Lindsay, a lifelong Milwaukeean, has made a career of a seemingly thankless task: Helping businesses and individuals understand the inner workings of the golf industry. He began delving into golf course economics while with Deere & Co., and continued after founding Edgehill in 1989. The work combines his naturally analytical mind with his passion for golf.” GolfWeek, April, 2008

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